In the Bible, there are a handful of covenants (promises) from God. He made a covenant with Noah after the flood, Abraham for his descendants, the Israelites thru Moses, and of course, the covenant of Christ and the promise with mankind that salvation has come based on the death and resurrection of His son.

In Chapter 7 of 2 Samuel, we see another covenant that God makes with David. The promise to David that his descendants will remain as heirs to the throne of Israel, and it reaches its fulfillment with Jesus Christ.

Chapter 7 starts with David as the established king of Israel, and has brought the ark to Jerusalem. He’s built a palace for himself and is enjoying a break from all his enemies, David realizes that he is living in a nice house, but the ark of the Lord is sitting in a humble tent.  In conversation with the priest Nathan, he decides he needs to build a temple for the Lord. Nathan, quickly encourages him to do as his heart desires. It sounds like a good idea.

That night, God talks to Nathan, rejecting that idea and reminding them both that He is God and building a house for Him is not His plan. Immediately, following this rejection, comes the Davidic Covenant. Verses 8-17 detail that David is to have a child (Solomon) who will build the temple instead of him. The promise continues that the throne of his kingdom shall be established forever, never to be taken away and will be established by the line of David.  You can see in Luke 1:31-33 where the line of David is referenced regarding the birth of Christ and a reminder that the covenant of David is forever.

In this, we first see one important aspect. God reminds us that He is the one driving. He is establishing David as King, and He will dictate if/when He needs a temple and by who. And of course, second, we see that God is making big plans for David’s house.

In chapters 18-29, we see David’s heart in his response to God. A heart of humility and thankfulness as he calls himself a servant, although a king on earth, conveying his thankfulness and trust to an Almighty God.

In this, we can learn from David how we should be living our lives each day.  …remembering that God is truly in charge. We need to be humble in our accomplishments and continue to give our direction over to the Lord each day, trusting that He will care for us. Ponder on how you can make this a daily matter of prayer.