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Today we are studying 1 Samuel 27 and 28, which shows David and Saul's current spiritual condition, neither of which is healthy.

In 27, David has gone with his men and their families to live among the Philistines, who are vile people who are the enemy of Israel. Last time he was in this territory he was afraid he'd be discovered and started fake-drooling like a mad man to throw off the king and left alive.

This time around, the King thinks David is on his side and tells David and his men to settle in a town 25 miles away from the king's city.

David tells the Philistine king he is raiding Israelite towns, but he is actually raiding other enemies of Israel and killing all the humans (so there are no witnesses to his activity) and taking their livestock and goods, sharing it with both the Philistine King as well as the Israelites in the area. He thinks he's got everyone fooled!

In the first verses of 28, Achish the Philistine King decides to go to war with Israel in a big way and crush them. He tells David his plan and David must keep up the lie that he is a hater of Israel now. Achish even makes him his bodyguard for life!

"Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive!"

Folks, one lie gives birth to bigger lies and they just keep getting bigger and they get us deeper into trouble than we could ever imagine. The lesson here is to tell the truth!

Oddly, David's story line is out on the back burner and 28 delves into Saul's last days.

Saul is up against a wall with the Philistines about to attack and his perception that David has joined them against him. God is not speaking so he consults a medium and asks her to conjure the spirit of Samuel (who was a priest that gave him advice in the past).

I am not sure it was actually Samuel she conjured or not, but the spirit didn't tell Saul what God's will was... But did tell him how bad things were between him and God.

The chapter ends with Saul losing his appetite and being coerced into eating a fatted calf with the medium.

The lesson here is straightforward: if you are a Christian, don't think that you can ignore God and run back to him anytime you like...you will keep your salvation through Christ, but if you thumb your nose at God for too long (remain disobedient) you may just lose the JOY of your salvation... And the joy of one's salvation is what makes the hard times we all face bearable!

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