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This week, we studied 1 Samuel 26, which is a near repeat of chapter 24, but a different experience for David and Saul.

In 24, David cuts off a bit of Saul's robe to prove he could have killed him while he was pooping in the same cave where David and his men were hiding. <People, you can't make this stuff up!>

David felt awful about desecrating the King's robe to prove a point and asked Saul for forgiveness, btw. That, my friends, is a great example of humility.

So here we are in chapter 26...David and his ruthless commander Abishai (killed 300 in battle by himself) went into Saul's camp of 3,000 men on a suicide mission to make a point: God was on David's side and would once again protect him from Saul.

Saul and his men are all sleeping very deeply because God put them in a deep sleep and David takes Saul's water jug and spear and spares his life (although Abishai shares other ideas).

The chapter wraps up with David calling out to Abner, Saul's commander. He tells him he and his men are worthless protectors of their king and should be killed for their lack of security. Saul hears David's voice and David makes his case: why pursue an innocent man? This is the last time Saul and David communicate because Saul dies after this.


- God defends his own.
- God protects us from our idiotic behavior.
- God defends the innocent and brings justice for the afflicted.
- God brings us back to the same problems and issues because we have not dealt with these issues the right way in the past.
- David was blessed with knowing he would be king one day. God then tested him to see if he would be faithful to God and not his own desires.

Spiritual truth and personal application: man rewards man AFTER he proves himself worthy of a reward. God rewards man BEFORE he proves himself worthy and gives him multiple chances to get it right. <-- this is huge, so stop and consider what you've been blessed with and what God wants from you concerning that blessing.

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