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Last week's study was 1 Samuel 25. David is mad at a guy named Nabal for not giving his men food when he's protected Nabal's sheep shearers in the fields… not that Nabal asked David to protect his workers! He's so angry he's told his men that he's going to kill Nabal and all the men in his home.

While Nabal's name translates to "fool" it's David who's acting like a fool. He thinks that because he did something good (protection) and didn't do something bad (take advantage of Nabal's workers) that he should be handsomely rewarded.


Lesson: Don't do favors for people and expect anything in return. Do things for others "as unto the LORD" and you'll always get the reward you deserve!

Back to the storyline. Nabal's wife Abigail isn't just beautiful, she's smart. She takes a bunch of food Nabal's servants have prepared for a feast for him and his buddies and takes to the hideout where David and his men are located. Before she gets there he meets her and she pleads with him fifteen ways to Sunday to spare Nabal's life (and probably the lives of her sons). David agrees and says he won't do them any harm.

More Lessons:
1) Men, we make bad, highly emotional decisions when we're hungry.
2) Women, the way to a man's heart really is through his stomach.
3) Abigail's actions would have infuriated her husband had he known she did what she did, but she was being a submissive spouse.

Now before you go freakin' NUTS because I wrote that last line, hear me out. The definition of submission is NOT "doormat" or "one who is blindly obedient." Submission is looking after the best interest of another person at your own expense. See the difference? It's HUGE.

Let's wrap this up now…

Abigail goes home to find her husband passed out drunk and bloated from his partying. She decides to tell him about the peace offering later because if she woke him he'd just be awful about it.

The next morning Nabal has a heart attack and two weeks later he dies. David thanks God he wasn't able to act on his anger, and sends his men to Abigail to ask her if she wants to be David's wife and she agrees.

What a great story! Three characters with three lessons to learn.

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